Market Update - June'24

Stay informed with Nuvocargo's latest market update for June 2024. Explore key insights and trends in the cross-border freight industry.

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Logistics Insights

Elections and US-MX trade
Freight Industry and Presidential Elections: Navigating Change and Opportunity in US-MX Trade

Explore how US elections impact US-MX trade, affecting freight volumes, prices, and the USMCA, and learn strategies for navigating changes.

Logistics Insights

Mexico- US trade
The Dynamic Trade Shift: How Mexico Outpaces China in U.S. Trade

In 2023, Mexico outpaced China in U.S. trade. Learn about key trends, strategic insights, and how Nuvocargo can help businesses win.

Logistics Insights

U.S.-Mexico Cross-Border Truck Traffic
Understanding Cross Border Trade: Key Insights and Trends in Truck Traffic

Discover critical insights on commercial truck crossings at U.S.-Mexico border ports in this detailed examination.

Logistics Insights

Unlocking Potential: How Mexican Talent enhances cross-border logistics operations

Discover how Mexico's skilled workforce is transforming cross-border logistics according to Roberto Icaza.

Logistics Insights

Nearshoring to Mexico
Mexico and the Nearshoring Opportunity – A Strategic Shift in Global Manufacturing

As FDI in China declines, Mexico rises as a prime nearshoring candidate for its location, market, manufacturing power, and trade agreements.

Logistics Insights

DOT Week 2024 Nuvocargo
DOT Week 2024: Key Insights and Tips for Shippers and Carriers

DOT Week 2024 will take place May 14-May 16. Here's what you need to know to keep your freight moving.