Absence of truck drivers

What would happen if truck drivers stopped for a week?

As part of the Truck Driver Appreciation Week, we've raised the question: What would happen if truck drivers stopped working for a week?

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Logistics insights

10 Truck Driver Safety Tips

There are many implications for the safe delivery of a shipment, one of the most important ones is driver safety.

Logistics insights

SIMPLIFIED: The Logistics Glossary for Ground Freight

This is a categorized glossary on ground freight logistics terms.

Company updates

Carrier Billing Platform
Nuvocargo Launches: Carrier Billing Platform, Billing Made Simpler

Nuvo announces the launch of the Carrier Billing Platform, billing made simpler in just one click.

Logistics insights

SIMPLIFIED: Truck Types You Need To Know About In Logistics

As an SMB just starting to export or import, it's useful to know the different cargo truck types at your disposal to move your cargo.

Logistics insights

Inside Look: Truck driver shortage and how to retain them

The truck driver shortage has increased in recent years, and it is mostly due to the resignation of drivers.

Technology Blog

What Product Success Looks Like! Anaid Chacon Is A Finalist In Product 50

Excited to share that our Head of Product, Anaid Chacon, is a finalist in Product 50’s category of Best Digital-Native Product Leader.